From Wounded to Healer: Finding Purpose in Pain

February 18, 2024

Scripture: Luke 5:17-26

Join us for a profound exploration of faith, community, and transformation in Pastor Grant Roe’s sermon, at Christian Life Cathedral. In this enlightening message, Pastor Grant unpacks the timeless story of a paralyzed man’s encounter with Jesus, as recounted in Luke 5:17-26.

Discover the journey from being wounded wounders to becoming wounded healers as Pastor Grant dives deep into the text, offering insights and reflections that resonate with our modern-day experiences. Through personal anecdotes, biblical wisdom, and practical examples, he challenges viewers to confront their own wounds and consider how God can turn their pain into purpose.

From the importance of authentic community to the power of faith in action, Pastor Grant inspires us to imagine a world where our scars become testimonies of God’s redeeming love. Don’t miss this empowering message of hope and restoration—watch now and embark on the transformative journey from woundedness to healing, from brokenness to wholeness.

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