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Spark Jr,

A place for children to learn about God in a safe, secure loving environment.

God Made Me. God Loves Me. Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever.


Children in our Early Childhood Ministry will hear, see and experience these three foundational truths each time they come to class. Our infants and toddlers experience a safe environment filled with the rocking, playing and loving care they need as they hear Biblical truths, stories and songs from their caregivers. As they grow through Kindergarten age, we add on to those Bible stories, and have a fun time of singing praise songs, playing games and making crafts that reinforce the lesson. The early years are times when children grow and learn the most. We take pleasure in joining parents in placing God at the very center of that natural curiosity and desire to learn.


Sunday mornings: 10:00 am

Wednesdays evenings: 6:30 pm



Lori Fisk

Lori Fisk

Early Childhood Pastor